Basic exercises


These exercises are designed to keep the joints in the upperlimb as supple as possible and should be done gently. Do them at least 5 times each, every hour, increasing the number as you improve. Overpushing of joints, especially the finger joints tends to flare the joints up, therefore firm sustained stretches are by far the best method for achieving range of motion.


Finger Exercises

Hand should be kept elevated (i.e., hand higher than your heart) for at least the first two weeks to prevent swelling. This could make a big difference to the overall recovery and reduces stiffness.

Work with your elbow resting on a table and your hand up. Start with your fingers and wrist straight each time.

  1. Start with your fingers and wrist straight. Gently curl your fingertips towards your palm to make a fist, keeping your wrist straight. Then straighten up again.
  2. Spread your fingers as far apart as possible, then squeeze them together again.
  3. your fingers together and bend at the knuckles, then straighten again. As you do this you will notice that your wrist moves backwards and forwards slightly.
  4. Gently curl your fingers down towards the top of your palm and then straighten up again.
  5. Gently touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of each finger in turn. Straighten up again each time.
  6. Gently stretch your fingers down towards the bottom of your palm. Straighten up again.
  7. Place a pen or finger in the middle of your palm and try and squeeze to hold in the position with the muscles on either side of the hand.
  8. Place your hand flat on the table, palm down. Lift each finger and thumb in turn off the table as high as you can and then place down again.



Wrist Exercises

Work with your elbow resting on a table and your hand up. Start with your fingers and wrist straight each time.

  1. Let your wrist drop forwards and then take it back as far as you can. Keep your fingers relaxed.
  2. Take your hand towards the little finger side and then bring it back towards the thumb side. Keep your wrist straight.
  3. Start with your elbow by your side and at a right angle. Keeping your fingers and wrist straight turn your palm down towards the floor and then up towards the ceiling.


Elbow Exercises


Shoulder Exercises


Further information on hand and wrist exercises


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